Haotian 18 tons five-section arm crane

Haotian 18 tons of five-section arm-mounted cranes, large-scale truck-mounted cranes, and large-scale equipment installation and cargo loading and unloading; the double-winding system is used for stable operation and adapt to various complex working conditions.


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Product main parameters
Maximum lifting torque: 540 KN.m
Maximum lifting weight: 18 T
Maximum arm length: 23000 mm
Minimum arm length: 6525 mm
Outrigger span: 2265-7085 mm
Rotary mode: 360° full swing
Installation space: 1377 mm
System pressure: 28 Mpa
Recommended flow: 120 L/min
Crane standard weight: 7050 Kg
Maximum lifting height: 24.5 m
Maximum working range: 22.6 m
Crane height: 2694 mm
Slewing support track diameter: 1000 mm

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